We are Simply English

We provide experience, consistency & care

Simply English Learning Centres are growing English tutorial centres located in Siu Sai Wan and Ap Lei Chau.

We are Native English speaking (British/American) teachers with over 13 years of teaching in Hong Kong. This experience gives us insight into the English needs of our students and the circumstances they face in their academic lives. 

We strive to provide the best instruction, to instill knowledge and to build confidence using English. 

Our Western-based culture is at the core of our centre’s ability to engross our students in lessons, which means they’ll laugh, play, sing and enjoy their time, all while learning. 

Simply English… quite simply… cares about our students. Come visit us and see how we’ve made learning English simple!

Simply English Learning Centre 是一家新開張位於鴨脷洲海怡半島的家庭式英語補習中心。我們的老師來自英國和美國,在香港擁有超過13年的教育經驗。多年的教育經驗讓我們充份瞭解到每一位學生對學習英語的需求,以及他們在學習途中所面對的困難。因此,我們致力提供最好的教學環境與課程,啓發學生的好奇心和學習潛能,同時建立活用英語的信心。「以英語為本」是我們的辦學宗旨,也是我們授課的核心價值,讓學生在學習過程中透過遊戲和歌唱,輕鬆愉快地享受學習。
Simply English──簡單而全心的關心每一位學生。歡迎來臨本中心參觀!

Simply English Learning Centre - Island Resort Mall - Siu Sai Wan - Chai Wan - Education Centre - Siu Sai Wan, Chai Wan Photo

Island Resort Mall – Siu Sai Wan, Chai Wan

Simply English Learning Centre - Island Resort Mall - Siu Sai Wan - Chai Wan - Education Centre - South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau - Photo

Marina Square West – South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau

Our mission

To provide the best education we can to all of our students. To give the parents amazing customer service and feedback on their child’s progress, and finally, to help the communities that we service. That’s our mission.

Health & safety

Simply English Learning Centres follow all rules and regulations set by the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Government. 

We take health and safety seriously. All classrooms are sterilized regularly. Tables and doors are frequently cleaned before and after all lessons. Students are required to wear masks and sanitize their hands before they enter the classrooms. Students sanitize their hands once again before they leave the centre. Social distancing is observed while in the classroom.

Classrooms are designed to be safe and comfortable for students of all ages. We have a fully stocked first-aid kit available for any accidents that might occur. On top of that, we have teachers certified in first-aid. Rest assured your children are in good hands at Simply English.

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Simply English Learning Centre - First Aid Kit Graphic

Our Dedicated Teaching Staff

As teacher owners, Simply English provides the consistency which means students will see a familiar face and have a great experience every time they visit. We are proud to serve our community with the hope that we give students a memorable and enriching learning experience. Come and meet us to have a chat about your student’s English learning today.

作為教育者,Simply English 跟傳統的學習中心不同,我們旨在提供連貫和一致的學習模式,學習過程都是跟熟悉自己的老師學習,每次上課都能體驗愉快上課,而又能獲得知識。我們很榮幸可以為社區服務,亦希望為學生提供難忘和充實的學習體驗。歡迎向我們了解英語學習的詳情。

Our Teachers

  • British/American/Australian/Canadian Native English Speakers from UK/US/AU/CA
  • Consistent and Qualified Teachers
  • No supply teachers that change frequently
  • Over 13 years experience teaching English in HK and abroad
  • Licensed School (Siu Sai Wan) – Registration Number: 610020

  • 母語為英國/美國/澳洲/加拿大的教師
  • 合資格並一致的教師團隊
  • 穩定的教師團隊
  • 在香港超過13年教學經驗香港和海外均有學經驗
  • 持牌學校 – Registration Number: 610020
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What we do best

Awesome service

We make it our duty to communicate with you on the progress of your child and provide info on areas of improvement and focus. We shall be prompt and available.

我們會協助家長們跟進小孩的進度, 以及提供小孩應改善和注意的範疇.

Simply English Learning Centre - Customer Service Graphic

Student happiness

We make it our pleasure to teach your children in a manner that motivates learning, involves all students and creates a productive learning environment.

我們旨在為小孩提供良好, 富有鼓勵性的學習風氣, 還有一個高效的學習氛圍.

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Consistent Teachers

We make it our goal to provide teachers that will connect with your child to create a long and lasting relationship that will build trust and respect in the classroom.


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Experience & knowledge

We make it our job to give your children the best tutorial service with years of knowledge and hands-on experience teaching children of all ages.


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